Tips for creating the ultimate client and employee welcome kit.

First impressions mean everything, especially in the professional world. Whether you’re welcoming a new employee or just signed a new client, a welcome kit will help you start your business relationship off in a great place.

But what is a welcome kit? It’s a bundle of marketing materials, branded gifts and tools used to welcome and introduce new employees or clients to your organization. Your welcome kit could include anything from official paperwork, handbooks, informational booklets and contracts, to branded drinkware, custom apparel, office supplies and gift cards.

But a welcome kit isn’t just a collection of merchandise packaged in a pretty box – it’s a powerful tool to engage new customers and employees, introduce them to the company and create an unforgettable first impression.

New hire welcome kit: Celebrate the newest members of your team.

Although it might seem like a non-essential but welcome kits for new employees are a great way to communicate your company culture, and make new hires feel welcomed. Your new hire welcome kit should be true to your company and speak for the parts you want to highlight. This won’t only provide your new employee with the materials needed for a smooth onboarding, but will also show them how happy you are to have them within your team.

Welcome kits for new clients: Your chance to introduce your brand.

The overall aim of a welcome kit for business is to deepen the understanding of your brand, and to serve as a go-to source of information for new clients. It tells them who you are and the services you provide, using a collection of marketing materials and branded gifts stored in one spot. There’s a big chance that you clients may share some of these items with others, resulting in more brand exposure and new business opportunities.

What should your welcome kit include?

Every company’s needs are different, but there are some common elements that are important to consider. Below, we put together a list of 5 types of items you should include in any welcome kit.

1. Presentation folders

The first items to think about when creating a welcome pack, are presentation folders. This handy item not only serves as an introductory piece, but also keeps documents and other marketing materials you might include safely stored in one spot.

First impressions count, so by keeping all your marketing materials in a branded welcome folder, you’re more likely to come across as tidy, professional and organized. That’s why it’s very important your folders be well-designed, stylish and branded with your logo, business name and contact info.

Think about a template that works well with your logo colors, and try to match your folder with the rest of your marketing materials for a clean and consistent look.

Pro tip: As you design a welcome kit presentation folder, it’s especially important to include your logo, address, website and phone number.

At Vistaprint, we offer a wide selection of presentation folder templates for different industries that you can easily customize, such as this hotel welcome pack presentation folder.

2. Welcome letter

One of the first things to include in your presentation folders is a welcome letter. A welcome letter is a great way to thank your new employee or client for choosing to work with you, and to show appreciation with a warm welcome message. This is your chance to outline all the benefits about your business, and to highlight the reasons why you’re excited to have them on board.

Pro tip: Your welcome letter should reflect your brand’s identity and style. It doesn’t have to be corporate or overly formal if that doesn’t feel like you.

3. Business cards

A business card is an important part of a new or prospective client welcome pack, as it gives them a quick access to all your contact information. They can pass this card on to others, or keep it handy for when they need to contact you.

Did you know that our custom presentation folders come with a dedicated business card slot? That means you can safely tuck in your business cards and present them in a visually appealing way.

4. Flyers, brochures or booklets

If you need to go into more detail about the products or services you offer, flyers, brochures and booklets can provide you with valuable space to get into the nitty-gritty. These items are also great for employee onboarding kits, where you can include your brand values, mission statement and any other key pieces of information your employees need to know before their first day.

5. Branded gifts & company swag

When welcoming a new employee or client, you really can’t go wrong with a personalized gift or company swag. Branded promotional products like office supplies, apparel and drinkware are practical and useful items that most people enjoy receiving.

This is also a great opportunity to provide a sample of the different products or services that you offer to new clients. Whatever items you choose to include in your welcome kit, make sure you focus on quality, and come up with a great design that matches your brand colors or features your official logo.

Everything in your welcome kit should mirror your company culture — from the materials and items you include to the design details. And creating a meaningful welcome kit is the stepping stone towards building customer loyalty and a positive employee experience. Because of that, the best welcome kit that you can create is one that’s thoughtfully designed, echoes your brand image and makes you feel proud to give out.