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Relive the magic with wedding keepsakes and thank you cards.

You gathered, you celebrated, you danced. And sure, your wedding is technically over, but the joy doesn’t have to end. That’s where wedding thank you cards come in. Complete with your signature touch (like one of your wedding pics, perhaps?), custom thank you cards go a long way in showing your guests some love – and give you a chance to revisit your special day. Our cards are printed on premium paper and come in a range of templates that complement your theme. That, plus our fair pricing, means you can say thank you in style while doing right by your budget.

Of course, your guests aren’t the only ones who get to admire your wedding photos. With VistaPrint’s personalized gifts, you can print those pics on keepsakes that color the home you and your sweetheart share. Create a vibrant canvas print for the living room, or a memento you can take to the office – like a wall calendar. Photo gifts make sweet anniversary presents too. After all, that 1-year mark will be here before you know it...

Frequently asked questions

There are several well-established customs when it comes to writing thank you cards. Here’s a quick roundup of the most essential:

  • Send, send, send. Some couples might wonder if thank you cards are even necessary. Short answer? Yes, definitely. They may seem like small gestures, but thank you cards acknowledge the time, money and effort guests put into your wedding. If you have loved ones that couldn’t attend but still sent gifts, make sure they’re on the list too.

  • Timing is key. Ideally, you want to send cards as soon as possible once the wedding is over. But...life is busy. Plus, it can take considerable time to tackle your cards (especially if you have an extensive guest list!). If you can’t get to them right away, mailing within 3 months after the wedding date is perfectly acceptable.

  • Don’t forget the vendors. Your big day wouldn’t have been the same without baker who iced your cake or the florist who arranged the bouquets. They’ll appreciate a note just as much as your guests! In fact, anyone who helped make your wedding possible should get a thank you card. That includes your venue, DJs, the officiant, etc.

Absolutely – mentioning the gift adds a nice, personal touch. You can even let your loved ones know how you plan to use it.

Feel free to address individuals by their first names in your cards. If you’re writing to a couple or whole family, include everyone who attended and/or added their name to a wedding gift. As for addressing the envelopes, we encourage you to be a bit more formal: use last names along with titles like Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.