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Legal Notice

The provider of this website is:
Vistaprint Canada Corporation
333 Bay Street
Suite 2400
Toronto, Ontario
Contact: visit our Contact & Support page
Legal: (for more information about serving legal documents, read the final paragraph on this page).

Canadian Business Registry and GST/HST registration numbers

  • Registered as an Ontario Business Corporation under registry ID: 2530308.
  • GST/HST registration number: 75761 0928 RT0001.
  • For more information about our prices and the rate of sales tax that will apply to your order, please read our Canadian Sales Tax Policy.

Customer contact
Need help? Call us anytime on 833-996-2067.
Our customer service department is available during the following hours (EST):

  • Sunday 8:00 AM-8:00 PM
  • Monday - Friday 7:00 AM-3:00 AM
  • Saturday 8:00 AM-8:00 PM

Intellectual property rights
Vistaprint´s patents, designs, trademarks or other distinctive signs as used on our website are protected by national, EU and international law. Click here for an overview of our patents and trademarks.
Any reproduction, copy or use of our patents, designs, trademarks (or similar sign to our trademarks) or any other content as displayed on our website including any part thereof, except as provided in our General Terms of Use, is strictly prohibited without our written permission.

Report a site for take-down
If you find a site of our customers that is hosted by Vistaprint to be in violation of our General Terms of Use or Websites Terms and Conditions, for example due to their use of your copyrighted work or trademark, you can report such a site to us. Please read our policy for our further guidelines on reporting a customer´s site for take-down and which supporting information we require from you in order to handle such a request.

Data disclosure or other law enforcement requests
Please read our Law Enforcement Policy if you are a law enforcement or government authority and wish to submit a data disclosure or other type of request to ensure that such a request is lawful and complies with our strict requirements for supporting information and documents (e.g. letterhead, court order or subpoena).

Serving legal documents
If you wish to send or serve any documents, correspondence, notices or other communications that concern our Canadian site activities (other than copyright or trademark complaints about the websites we host, see for those issues our Policy on Webhosting Copyright and Trademark Complaints), please contact Vistaprint Canada Corporation directly at the above address. It is preferred that legal documents are served on the above entity by emailing electronic copies to
If you choose to serve legal documents by post, please use the above address and send us a copy by email to