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Shelf Life
Net quantity & Pack size
Chocolate Type
Foil Type
Wrapper Bar, 1 oz.
Sea Salt Caramel Box, 4-Piece
Truffle Gift Box, 2-Piece
Sea Salt Caramel Box, 32-Piece
M&M's® Handfuls, 2oz.
M&M's® Goody Bag, 1oz.
Heart Box with Premium Confection
Chocolate Confection Gold Box
Out of stock
Reese's Pieces Top Tube Mini Flip
Out of stock
Reese's Pieces Mini Tube
Out of stock
Godiva® Tumbler Gift Set
Out of stock
Dark Chocolate Almonds Goody Bag, 1oz.
Out of stock
2 Piece Pretzel Box
Out of stock
One of a Kind Tin- Truffle/Toffee Assortment
Out of stock
Hot Cocoa on a Spoon
Out of stock
Hershey Kisses® Chocolate Handfuls, 2 oz.
Out of stock
Collectors Tin- Twist Wrapped Truffles