Custom lanyards & badge holders

Branded lanyards and name badges help your customers identify people who can assist them. Custom lanyards also improve security on your business premises, identifying who your staff are. Add your company logo and staff names to build a cohesive team look.

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8 results


Create branded lanyards with your logo or design.

Both staff and visitors can wear custom lanyards at your business premises. They can either be pinned to a shirt or worn around the neck to identify people as they enter or leave your company. Lanyards with a logo help customers recognize your staff – and they improve security too. You can even include branded lanyards as part of new employee welcome packs. With so many colours available, you can choose one that complements your logo.

Choosing your favourite lanyard or badge is the first step. Through our creative design studio, you can add custom touches including names, job titles, your logo and business name. After that, we’ll bring your design to life and your printed lanyards will arrive looking fresh and ready to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

"We’ve got lanyards that you can wear around your neck, plus retractable lanyards with a cord and pocket-size RFID card holders that help to keep your data safe."

We use single-colour print to create your branded lanyards, by either stamping the ink onto the surface with a silicone pad or pushing the ink through a woven screen. This technique creates a durable and ‘painted-on’ feel.

Of course. Lanyards with a logo help customers identify someone who can assist them. They also enhance security, letting everyone know that the wearer is a member of staff.

The lowest quantity you can order is 75. Keep in mind, the price per unit goes down the more you buy – so it’s great value if you’re creating corporate lanyards for an event or kitting out your entire team.

The colour options include white, black, red and blue. You can filter by colour to find branded badge holders that best complement your logo.