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Side Pockets
Computer Size
Backpack Strap Type
Shoulder Straps
Backpack Strap Features
Computer Compartment Features
Side Pocket Closure
Carry Handle Features
Main Compartment Closure Feature
Business Card Holder
Vistaprint Promo Briefcase Bag
Vistaprint Promo Messenger Bag
Slope Compu-Messenger Bag
Tranzip 15 Computer Messenger
Mariner Business Briefcase
Verve Deluxe Business Tote Bag
Full Time Business Briefcase
Graphite 15 Computer Briefcase
Velocity 17 Computer Briefcase
Oakley® 15L Street Messenger Bag
Bolt Urban Messenger Bag
Urban 15 Computer Messenger Bag
Quill Meeting Briefcase
Oxford Slim Compu-Brief
Barracuda Business Briefcase
Harbor 15 Computer Messenger
Oasis Flap Messenger Bag
Heather Business Briefcase
Out of stock
Metro Compu-Briefcase
Out of stock
Travis & Wells™ Transit Computer Portfolio
Out of stock
The Anchorage Messenger Bag
Out of stock
Tranzip Brief 15 Computer Tote
Out of stock
Life in Motion™ Momentum Computer Messenger Bag
Out of stock
Bullet Brandt 15 Computer Business Case
Out of stock
Samsonite® Modern Utility Computer Messenger Bag
Out of stock
CheckMate® Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Briefcase
Out of stock
Verona Compu-Messenger Bag
Out of stock
The Sophia Checkpoint-Friendly Computer Tote Bag
Out of stock
Gridlock Vertical Compu-Messenger Bag
Out of stock
Graphite Tablet Bag
Out of stock
Case Logic® Reflexion 15.6 Compu-Messenger Bag
Out of stock
Parkland Script Messenger Bag