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Can I update my billing address?

You sure can - the next time you are ready to place an order.

Don't worry, if you already placed an order with an error in the billing address, but received an order confirmation email, then the error did not affect the processing of your order. If any errors do happen to arise, we'll contact you.

We take your privacy very seriously. To ensure your billing information is secure, our billing system is completely automated. This means we are unable to change your billing information once an order has been submitted. However, you can update your information during the checkout process the next time you place an order.

  1. In your Cart, click Checkout.
  2. The Delivery page appears. Specify your Delivery Address and Delivery Method. 
  3. Click Continue to Payment Method.
  4. In the Billing Address section, click to Edit the billing address.
  5. Update the billing address and click Use this address.
  6. Continue the check out process.