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Pre-Inked Stamps

Save time and effort on invoices, cheques and more by creating pre-inked stamps with a replica of your signature. 5 ink colours available. See details

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Create a premium stamp that captures the uniqueness of your logo or signature.

  • 5 ink colour options
  • 4 size options
  • Thousands of clear impressions
  • No ink pad needed

Note: Uploads with small graphics, fonts smaller than 8-point, or fine lines are not advised and may be rejected.

With pre-inked stamps, you’ll save time (and your wrist) adding your hand-drawn logo or business signature to all your marketing and mail correspondence. Affordable and easy to use, custom pre-inked stamps deliver a crisp, clean look to create thousands of impressions before re-inking. They’re perfect for larger jobs, like product packaging, bulk mail, to-go orders and more.

To get started, first choose a colour, size and quantity that works for you. Then, upload your logo, monogram or design. Your pre-ink stamps will arrive ready for use.

Personalized inked stamps from VistaPrint 

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