Keep important dates and special moments front and centre.

Desk Calendars

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Treat family and customers to a new memory each month.

Personalised desk calendars are fun and functional – at home or in the office.

Upload favourite family photos for custom gifts they’ll love all year long.

Include special events so you don’t miss important dates or appointments.

Choose your industry template and create gifts for business customers.

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Document Trim Size

8.27" x 3.74"

210 x 95 mm

2481 x 1122 pixels

Full Bleed Size

8.39" x 3.86"

213 x 98 mm

2516 x 1158 pixels

Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.
Premium, 210 gsm card stock with a glossy finish. INCLUDED  

Custom Calendar Printing at Vistaprint

Calendar Tips

Brighten the desks of loved ones and customers with personalized photo desk calendars from Vistaprint! With these calendars, you’ll start the New Year off right by giving them 12 reasons to smile.

Creating your desk calendars is a simple and easy process. Start by choosing from one of over 100 different desk calendar templates, all with different images or an area to upload personal photos. After you pick your template, it’s time to get creative! Choose from these customization options for your calendar:

• Add personal text, a logo and photos

• Add special notes to highlight important dates

• Start your calendar on any month you like

With all these great customization options, you’re sure to give a gift that’ll stick around all year.

Sometimes the best recipient for a photo desk calendar is someone in your own family. Got a bunch of hard workers under your roof? Create a desk calendar with different photos of your family on fun vacations, family outings and just having a great time with each other. Whether it’s dad working late in the office or your special student studying for a test, every time they check the date, a feeling of fond remembrance and gratitude will sweep through them.

Creative business calendars are also perfect to hand out to your employees as gifts during the holidays. Compile photos of everyone around the office having fun at work and add them for each month so they’ll look forward to yet another year of success. You can also hand these calendars out to your customers. With your contact information within the calendar, your business will stay top-of-mind all year.

At Vistaprint, it’s all about customization at a low price, all backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make it right. Kick the New Year off right and create your own custom desk calendars today!