Promotional product ideas: 5 ways to fortify your brand

Unique promotional products are a must-have for any marketing toolkit. They can help you do so many things – whether you’re looking to build connections with customers, expand your revenue streams or motivate your employees. Discover our favourite merchandise ideas for brands below and get inspired to do more with your merch.

Building connections with the people that matter

Promo products can help you build relationships with customers and appeal to people who may be likely to use the services or products that your business offers. As a tip, it’s a good idea to consider your customers’ interests and needs, then come up with promotional product ideas that address those needs. For example:

  • If you run a coffee shop, your caffeine-loving clientele might appreciate a custom travel mug.
  • If you own an IT firm, fellow tech enthusiasts might enjoy branded power banks or flash drives.

And if you have clients that you work with time and time again – or a client that you’d like to work with more often – you can show your appreciation with premium corporate gifts. Custom pens engraved with your client’s name or initials can help you stay top of mind – which might just increase your chances of securing that next big project or opportunity.

Branching out with merch

Ever considered creating a merch line for your small business? Branded merchandise is a smart way to supplement your revenue, gain more exposure in your community and give your customers something to get excited about. Merch ideas for your business could include custom T-shirts and tote bags that can be worn around town and can even help you to form a community around your brand: think user-generated social media content!

If you’re interested in creating merchandise, first choose some products that resonate with your customers. Then, customize them with your brand’s look and feel – your colours, logo or slogan – to create instantly recognizable and unique promotional products.

Keeping your employees happy & motivated

Showing gratitude is an effective way to boost team morale. So, why not offer small incentives, birthday treats or random tokens of appreciation throughout the year?

  • Branded giveaways like mugs or stationery are great for the office and they’re a nice way to show people that you appreciate their work. And when these branded items are associated with achievements, they become powerful motivators. You could even let people pick their own custom reward to create a one-off item for each person on your team.
  • Employee gift boxes are another great branded merch idea – fill them with swag like personalized water bottles, notebooks, pens, sweet treats and more. It’s a smart way to connect with remote employees or make someone smile on their first day – and they might even upload a photo to social media, so it helps your employer brand reputation, too.

Creating marketing that’s consistent

Having one unified look for all your marketing helps customers recognize you. It can even improve people’s trust in your business – because if your branding looks consistent and professional, it suggests that your services are, too.

VistaPrint Tip

Pick a consistent colour palette, fonts and other design elements to match your logo. As an example, if you’re creating a custom T-shirt, pick a material colour that feels consistent with your branding while making your logo pop. This way, your promo products won’t just look great, but they’ll feel like a cohesive collection.

Standing out among the competition

Promotional products are a particularly long-lasting marketing item – because they’re so useful, people tend to keep them for a while.

So, make yourself stand out with interesting promotional product ideas like wireless chargers or engraved styluses. Giving away unique promotional products at your next event or trade show is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Looking for more promotional product ideas?

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