Fun and creative pregnancy announcement ideas: 6 ways to share your big news

Congratulations, you’re expecting! Now, how do you let everyone know? Your pregnancy announcement can be as simple or as creative as you like, though many people take the opportunity to have some fun with it. In this article, we’ll share some pregnancy announcement ideas to celebrate this special new adventure.

When should I make my pregnancy announcement?

It’s common for expectant parents to tell their partners first, then close family and friends. It can feel more personal and special to do so in-person or over a video call, if that’s possible. Often, more elaborate announcements are left to casual aquaintances and distant family via social media.

Most people wait until the end of the first trimester to announce their pregnancy to a wider circle. This is usually when the highest risks have passed, and parents-to-be feel safe to share their news.

How do I make a pregnancy announcement?

The first things to think about when making an announcement is to consider who you are telling and when. For example, if you want to control who knows about your pregnancy, then posting on social media may not be the best method, as it’s difficult to filter who can and can’t see your post.

If you’re waiting a little longer before sharing your news, then perhaps your bump will already be showing. In which case, it can be a fun and simple way to share your baby announcement!

The most important thing to remember when creating your baby announcement is to reflect your own personality. Whether simple or elaborate, make the most of your personal moment.

Here are 6 ideas for your pregnancy announcement.

1. Create a keepsake.

A custom mug or T-shirt can make a great photo prop for your announcement. Plus, it’s a great souvenir that you can continue using, even after the baby arrives.

2. Get crafty.

Have some fun with your announcement by baking cookies in cute shapes or decorating with the expected birth date. This is a great option if you want to share your news with a group of people in person, when you can then eat the treats after.

Live near a beach? A sweet (and budget-friendly) idea is to write your announcement in the sand, then take a photo to share with everyone.

3. Keep it simple.

When sharing online, sometimes keeping it simple is the best option. Share a cute animated gif or take a photo holding up your ultrasound image. If you want to make it extra-special, find a professional photographer to take your shots. You can then keep the image and frame it as a memory.

4. Do it the old-fashioned way.

Social media not your thing? Keep it a little more private and send a note card through the mail. It’s always nice to receive a personal note, and it means you can ensure who knows about your pregnancy. (Looking to design a custom printed announcement? We can help with that.)

5. Use the props you’ve got.

A fun way to announce your pregnancy is to use some props you may already have. If you have a pet or some children already, pose them next to a board with the details of their upcoming sibling on it. Already invested in some baby shoes or footie pajamas? These are some handy visual clues you can use to create an image to use for your announcement.

6. Make them laugh.

Everyone loves a pun. And a pregnancy announcement is a great time to roll with it. Speaking of rolls, a popular pregnancy pun to use for your reveal is “bun in the oven.” Take a photo of your announcement ‘baking’ in your oven. Another idea could be to add your message “expected to pop” onto balloons.