Shape up your outdoor classes

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Warmer weather is here…and with it is the perfect opportunity to expand your studio space. If you’re a personal trainer or gym owner, energize your business with a little fresh air. Consider taking group classes (or private training sessions!) outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and encourage safe social distancing. In addition to the chance to offer more classes, you’ll create excitement among your current clients. (Chances are, they’ll love working out in a new space!) Outdoor classes are also a great opportunity to attract prospective customers who might be passing by…just use the right branded products to build some buzz for your brand.

1. T-shirts

Represent your brand by wearing a logo T-shirt during class…and make sure any employees or assistants wear one, too. T-shirts are also great for customers – loyal clients love to show off their pride for brands they love, so make sure you have a stack to sell at the end of class. Or, consider giving away or raffling off a special-edition T-shirt to say ‘thanks’ to your customers.

2. Lawn signs

Attract new clients (and make it easy for current ones to find you) with eye-catching lawn signs. Use a few to create a pathway guiding clients to the workout space, and use one to designate a meeting point or check-in area. Lawn signs are great for portable branding, since you can remove and reinstall them wherever your classes take you.

3. Business cards

Bring a stack of business cards to your outdoor classes so people leave with a physical reminder of their fun experience with your business. Add a QR code to one side where people can find your online schedule and easily sign up for their next class.


Make your business cards work as hard as you do – add a special feature, like rounded corners, to make them really stand out.

+ how to set yourself up for outdoor success:

Create a designated workout space.

Whether you’re holding outdoor classes in a nearby park or  your studio’s parking lot, define the space with signage and designate a meeting point. Block off the area with something temporary, like rope, yard signs or even sidewalk chalk. Make sure you’re complying with local regulations and have the proper permits to set up your class space, and take the time to clean up afterwards.

Offer outdoor-ready gear.

Do your best to recreate the studio experience outdoors, like offering fresh towels and cold water. Go one step further and offer branded water bottles for anyone who might’ve forgotten their own – they’ll help promote your business even after they’ve left class.

Implement a safe set-up process.

Safety is top-of-mind for everyone right now, so make sure clients feel safe as soon as they arrive. If you need equipment for your workout, set up sanitized free weights, workout mats or exercise bikes before class starts…and make sure they’re socially distanced. Encourage attendees to sanitize their hands before and after class, too.

Use a microphone or speaker system.

Make sure everyone can hear you (and your music) during class with a microphone and speaker set-up. This might be different than what you use indoors, so try it out before you hold your first outdoor class.

Get creative on social media.

Make sure studio members know you’re taking things outside. Show off your new set-up on Instagram, or livestream your classes on Facebook and encourage people to join in from their own backyards.

Everything you need to take your class outside

  1. Logo t-shirts
  2. Portable lawn signs
  3. Business cards
  4. QR code signups
  5. Designated workout areas
  6. Outdoor-ready gear & merch
  7. Safe set-up processes
  8. A speaker system
  9. A social media strategy