Delight & excite customers with holiday packaging

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Sometimes, it’s what’s on the outside that counts…especially when it comes to holiday wrapping or Christmas packaging. As a small business owner, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to wrap gifts in more than just pretty paper. When it comes to packaging for 2021, going the extra mile can help build customer loyalty and reinforce your brand -especially if this is your business’ first holiday season.

Here, see how Maya Creations uses packaging that reflects their brand and feels perfectly festive for the season. Whether you exclusively sell your products online, run a brick-and-mortar shop or are planning to pop up at local markets this year, take a cue from their holiday packaging ideas to make a great impression on current, new and potential customers.

5 ways to holiday-ify your packaging:

  1. Give the gift of gift wrapping.
  2. Use packing materials that reflect your brand.
  3. Showcase your small business story.
  4. Give an appreciation offer.
  5. Add something special.

1. Give the gift of gift wrapping.

‘Tis the season for gifting…so make it easy for your customers to send a ready-to-unwrap gift to their loved ones. You’ll be offering a much-appreciated service to loyal customers -and impressing prospective clients. Make it easy for customers to add gift wrapping to their in-store order for a small fee (or offer it for free with a minimum spend), and show up to the holiday market fully stocked and ready to wrap.

Vistaprint Tip

A gift isn’t complete without a card -offer to include a blank note card that your customer can personalize before they place their present under the tree.

2. Use packing materials that reflect your brand.

From tissue paper to packaging tape, make sure everything you use to pack orders includes an element of your business look. Offer wrapping in your brand’s colors and style, and make sure it can be used for all recipients, regardless of which holiday they celebrate. Here, Maya Creations uses a red, green and blush holiday pattern to complement their standard green logo design. This holiday-ified design quickly turns ordinary labels, stickers and paper bags into branded collateral.

3. Showcase your small business story.

If you’re interacting with your customer at your shop or a local market, you may have a chance to chat with them or share a little bit about your brand. When you’re wrapping up an order, offer to include an informational brochure or postcard so they can learn even more about your small business -or pass it along to the lucky gift recipient.

4. Give an appreciation offer.

Make sure customers know how much you appreciate them with a thank-you offer -this will encourage another purchase and ensure they come back for more. Something as small as 10% off or free shipping can go a long way in making your customers feel special. Print the offer on a business card and add it to your gift wrapping routine -staple it to a paper bag or attach it to their receipt when they checkout.

5. Add something special.

Go the extra mile when someone shops at your market stall or brick-and-mortar store. After they purchase an item, surprise them and add something special to their shopping bag. Maybe a sample of a new product, insider information about upcoming products or sales, some fun sticker singles or a bonus gift for a high-value purchase. Did your customer purchase a pet portrait? Include a dog treat or collar charm. Did someone buy a bar of lavender soap? Throw in a bonus lip balm in the same scent. This level of detail will go a long way in making a lasting impression.

Bonus holiday wrapping tips for online orders

Start from the outside, in.

Show that you put as much thought and care into your packaging as you do your products. This way, you’ll create an experience that will excite customers from the moment their package arrives. If you’re shipping an order, make sure everything you use to pack it reflects your brand -including crinkle filler paper and packaging tape.

Vistaprint Tip

An aesthetically pleasing package lends itself to Instagram-ready unboxings. Encourage customers to share their unboxing experience (and follow your shop!) on social media -add this call to action to a rack card or postcard that you can include in each order.

Give the gift recipient some background info.

Tuck a postcard with your brand’s story into every shipped order -it’s an inspiring touch any time of year, but especially during the holidays. Since you didn’t get to chat directly with your customer face-to-face, you’ll give them some insight into the person and passion behind the product. Plus, an informational postcard gives you a chance to make a meaningful impression on the person receiving the gift. (Remember, they’re a potential customer!) If they love the product and your brand message, they’ll want to shop directly from you next time.

Include a personalized note.

Since you can’t thank your online shoppers in person, order a set of ‘thank you’ postcards or note cards and customize each one with a hand-written message. This small gesture can go a long way…and a logoed postcard will help reinforce your brand identity. If your item is being sent as a gift to someone else, offer to include a note card with a personalized message from the sender. This is a great way to make the gift giver look good, even if they didn’t send the package themselves.

The finished look

See how it all comes together in Maya Creations’ holiday wrapping suite.

  1. Packaging tape. Holiday-ify your packaging from the outside, in with packaging tape.
  2. Paper bags. A holiday-inspired design makes this branded paper bag ready for gifting.
  3. Mailing labels. Create a holiday version of your standard mailing label for a festive finish.
  4. Roll label. Add your holiday branding to basic gift boxes with a roll label.
  5. Business cards. A business card is the perfect place to encourage post-holiday shopping with an incentive.
  6. Sticker singles. Individually cut stickers add something extra to any wrapped package.
  7. Postcards. Say ‘thank you’ with a postcard.