Adding social media icons on business cards – and why social media is important

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

These days, it can feel like just about everyone is on social media – from casual gaming grandmas to foodies documenting their dining. Many people don’t go more than a few hours (or even a few minutes) without checking in on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

So what does this mean for small businesses? It means you’ve got a direct line to a huge group of potential customers. All you have to do is give them an easy way to find you. Putting social media icons on business cards is a low-effort, high-reward way for people to quickly zero in on your handles, and then connect with your accounts with just a few taps on their phones. Let’s go over three simple steps to add the icons to business card designs.

How to add social media icons on business cards

1) The first thing to do is find an icon. A quick Google image search like “Facebook symbol for business cards” can help you find the size and style of logo you’re looking for. (Just be sure to filter your search to make sure you’re allowed to use the images.) For those more technically inclined, vector files or raster images with a minimum 300dpi will be the easiest and best to work with.

2) Next up is figuring out the placement and sizing of your icons. Make your icons noticeable and obvious, but not overwhelming. Depending on your design and the information is on your card, you can put your social information on the front or back. (Check out some business card examples if you need design inspiration.) You might also want to consider adding a little message about why someone should find you on social media – to get special offers, view helpful content or keep up to date with your latest products and services.

3) Lastly, you need to add your handles and addresses for each platform you want to include. Use the preview feature to see if the text is large enough to read (we recommend a minimum of 8pt font), and go over the text several times to make sure there aren’t any typos.

How social media can help your business

So we’ve gone over the “how” of adding social media icons on business cards – but maybe you’re wondering about the “why.” Let’s talk about how nearly any business can use social media to extend their reach, build relationships with customers and more.

It can make you more memorable

Making an impression is important. And while your business cards are a huge part of that equation, staying top of mind is more important than ever. With so many options at people’s fingertips, you want to be the business people think of first – luckily, social media gives you more opportunities to be that business.

You can post fun pictures and stories that let customers get an inside view of the people, personalities and style of your team. Tips and life hacks related to your products or services are a great way to build loyalty and keep customer satisfaction high. Not to mention, just popping up in people’s feeds with a positive, supportive vibe can make customers more likely to remember you and your business.

It’s an easy way to create buzz

In the past, businesses depended on flyers, brochures and word of mouth to let people know about sales, special events and other big business news. Those things are all still important, but now, social media can help you spread the word even farther – and faster – each time you make a post.

New merchandise? Show off some pictures on Instagram. Year-end clearance? Drop the news on Facebook. And beyond special events, social media is also an easy way to drop reminders about creative uses for your products, suggested service schedules and anything else you want to pass along.

It gives people instant access

With so much available online, many customers are used to finding what they need and making a decision in a few minutes or less. When you’re connected to people on social media, they can often reach you instantly, right through your accounts.

Whether it’s a number they can tap to call, or even a booking service they can use to set up an appointment, social media literally puts you at their fingertips. You can even post information about how far out you’re scheduling, how busy you are or FAQs that people can refer to after hours. And when you’re responsive to messages, customers can use your social accounts almost like an answering service. They know they’re being heard, and you know you’re not missing any opportunities.