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Turn “Remember that time…?” into a forever treasure.

Those photos on your phone weren’t meant to gather dust - and neither were the warm fuzzies they spark. With photo gifts, you can transform those pics into feel-good mementos loved ones will return to again and again. Using our wide selection of products and designs, create and share everything from the practical (Custom water bottle anyone?) to the precious (Photo books capturing your bubba’s first year).

Have family or friends that live far? Customized gifts keep those connections strong. Kiddos can wrap themselves in blankets featuring Grammy and Gramps (and vice versa), while your coffee-lovin’ bestie can wake up with some brew served in a mug featuring your photos. Even better? Vistaprint’s shipping options let you send it right to their door.

Frequently Asked Questions

While all our custom gifts make excellent presents, photo books, canvas prints and custom mugs are among our customers’ favourites.

It helps to keep in mind your recipient’s lifestyle and tastes when choosing a gift. For example, if someone works from home, photo calendars or custom mouse pads make fun decorations for their home office. Or, for active people who like to travel, a photo bag is a great practical accessory they can use on the go.

To ensure crisp and clear printing, we recommend choosing a high-resolution image. Otherwise, there are no rules as what type of photo makes for a thoughtful token: Our customers in Canada use everything from informal vacation pictures to professional family portraits.

Keep in mind, photos don’t have be taken by a professional or even posed. Some of the most heartwarming snapshots are candids captured on your phone in the spur of the moment. If a photo sparks positive feelings and you think the recipient will enjoy it, it will do nicely.

First, you’ll want to decide on a final photo (or photos) as well as an item to print on. Once you’ve browsed and selected an item, you’ll find that each of our products directs you to an easy-to-use design studio. Here, you can upload your image(s) and edit any text that might be included in the final design. You’ll also have the chance to preview your gift before purchasing. If you need help at any point, don’t hesitate to contact one of our help experts.