Canvas Prints

Transform favorite photos into works of art.

  • Art-quality canvas material
  • Vibrant & fade-proof prints
  • Built-in hangers for easy display
  • 5 sizes & 2 frame options available – learn more below
  • Easy image upload from mobile, desktop & more  

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8 x 12"
12 x 12"
12 x 16"
16 x 24"
24 x 36"
Frame Style
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Personalize any space with photo canvas prints.

Add a splash of color to your home décor by creating a custom canvas print online. You can create a collage of your favorite family photos, upload pictures of your pets or even an inspirational quote to spice up your walls. A personalized canvas can also make a great gift for friends and loved ones, giving them a piece of art to display at home or in the workplace. And with built-in hangers and fade-resistant printing, your canvas prints will be easy to display and love for years to come.

Canvas Frame Options

Canvas print frame options
Canvas print frame options

Design Idea 1: Consider a canvas collage.

Canvas collage
Design Idea 2: Build a gallery wall.
Canvas gallery wall

The Minimalistic

Add a clean, elegant touch to your walls by sticking to a few pieces and using complementary photography.
Photo canvas gallery wall

The Multi-themed

This layout is perfect for creating a multi-themed gallery wall featuring wedding, family or travel-related photos.

Canvas print gallery wall

The Eclectic

With this salon-style display, you can play with an endless combination of layouts, themes and color palettes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do offer custom canvas sizes?
A: Our canvas prints are currently available in five sizes: 8 x 12in, 12 x 12in, 12 x 16in, 16 x 24in, 24 x 36in.

Q:Do you have any tips to get the best print?
A: We recommend uploading high-resolution photos for your canvas. High-res photos will give you the sharpest prints possible. Also, don’t forget to match the shape of your upload to the shape of your canvas, to avoid any white margins.

Q: Can I crop my photo to best fit the photo canvas?
A: Yes. You’ll be able to crop and preview your layout. If you’re using a rectangular photo for a square canvas, you’ll likely need to make some image layout adjustments to prevent white margins. (Need help? Just give us a call.)

Q: How can I make sure that my photo is well positioned on the sides of the personalized canvas?
A: You will be able to preview your canvas print and inspect the design from all sides, including the wrap, once you upload your photo, and before placing your order.

Q: Are adhesives included in my order?
A: No. While all our canvas prints do come with built-in hangers, they do not include adhesives.

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