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Frequently Asked Questions: Canada

Q: Does Vistaprint offer promo codes?
A: Yes, we often offer special discounts – we refer to them as “codes” on our site. You’ll typically find codes on our homepage, on our Deals page and in emails.


Q: How do I apply a Vistaprint code?

A: If you have one of our promotional codes, you’ll be able to use it after you’ve designed your products and added them to your cart. In your personalized My Cart, we’ll ask if you have a code to enter. Just type it in and press “Apply” – we’ll take care of the rest.

Q: How do I know if a discount code will work with my Vistaprint order?
A: If your Vistaprint code is valid, we’ll show you the discount on any applicable products in your cart. And if the code isn’t valid or applicable, we’ll let you know.

Q: Where on the Vistaprint website can I see any deals or available coupons?
A: Our Deals page has all the latest and greatest deals that are available. (Check back often, as deals and savings change regularly!) Our homepage may also include special, time-sensitive savings.

Q: Can I reuse a Vistaprint code?
A: Yes, typically. Unless otherwise specified, Vistaprint promo codes aren’t limited to a single use. If there is an exception to this general approach, we will make that clear.

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