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How do I save multiple versions of my design?

The Duplicate design feature lets you duplicate the same product design then make small changes or updates. A good example is saving the same business card design with different contact info for each employee. 

  1. When you've completed your design, click Save changes.
  2. Type a name for your design in the Design name text field and click Save
    For example: Business card - Bruce Gleeson
  3. Now, duplicate your project by clicking the name of your design and select Duplicate design from the drop-down.

    How to duplicate a design

  4. Type a name for your next design in the Design name text field and click Save.
    For example: Business Card - Hannah Armstrong
  5. Edit your document and click Save changes.
  6. Repeat the Duplicate design and edit process as many times as you need.
  7. Go to My Projects to view all versions of your design.