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How do I change the colour of an image?

Use the Colour option to modify the overall look of your upload.

  1. In the design studio, select the image you want to modify.
  2. Click Colour from the toolbar. 
  3. For a single-colour image, apply a colour using one of the options:
    • Colour palette swatches
    • Custom colour picker tool
    • Eyedropper colour tool
    • Specific HEX or CMYK values
  4. For a multi-coloured image, use the sliders to modify your image.
    • Adjust the colour
    • Change the saturation
    • Increase or decrease the brightness

Note: You can also use the Color option to change the existing background color of a Vistaprint template. When creating a design from scratch using Vistaprint's design studio, add background color using the Shapes tool