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What happens after I place my order?

After we receive your order...

  • We will send you a Vistaprint Order Confirmation email which will contain the details of your order. Please review this email and if you see any problems with your order, please give us a call right away so we can make it right.
  • Your order details, processing and delivery selections are entered into our production scheduling system. Using this information, the system prioritizes the printing, production and shipping of your order in accordance with your selections. We then select and customize your item(s), package it/them at which time your package is ready for shipping.

Once your order has been printed and is ready for shipping...

    • We arrange for your package to be picked up from our production plant & send you a Vistaprint Shipping Confirmation email which contains shipping instructions and details about your order.

Please note that there are circumstances where orders may ship early, as the scheduling system and volume of orders may allow your order to be prioritized and printed earlier than requested.