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Blocks that contain social media links are located primarily under the Contact & Social drawer or as a Global Footer.

To add a Social element anywhere, hover on your block to and click the green plus sign to Add Element.


From the Elements menu, click Social and select an element to add. Some social elements link to your social profiles and others embed content from your social profiles as a feed on your site. Some are just buttons that allow your website visitors to share the page they're visiting on different social platforms. 

For elements like Social Links, you will have to configure links to your social profiles.



Select Social Links and double-click the placeholder to add your links.


Under "Social Icon Style" you can change how the icons appear on your site (standard, square or circle).

Arrange links by clicking the handle on the left to move the item up or down on your list.

Delete items from your list by clicking the trash icon on the right of the item.

Click Done.


For social elements like Facebook Page or Twitter Timeline, click the Settings gear and make your configurations in the dropdown.


Settings for these elements affect how information from your Facebook Page or Twitter Feed will render on your website. 

Social elements like Facebook Share Button and Twitter Tweet Button allow visitors to share your page as Facebook or Twitter posts. The Share Button allows visitors to share your page across multiple services.