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Quotes & Testimonials

3 Customer Quotes

A great way to share brief customer reviews or testimonials is with the 3 Customer Quotes block, which you can find by going to Add Blocks > Popular.


Once you drag the block onto your page you can begin customizing by clicking to edit text, or double-clicking to edit images.

If you don't want to display name and title, hover on the name and title elements and click the X to hide them. They will be added to your Hidden Items under the settings at the top of the block. You can restore hidden items at any time by clicking Restore Hidden Items in your block settings.


Quote & Quotes Carousel

If you want to share your favorite quotes, inspirational messages or customer testimonials, go to Add Blocks > Text and drag in the Quote block or the Quotes Carousel block.


The Quotes block gives you a standard centered paragraph and attribution. Hover on the attribution and click the X to hide it. It will be added to your Hidden Items under Settings (gear).

Quotes Carousel allows you to rotate multiple quotes within one block. Just click Add Slide to add and format additional quotes.