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I missed my call with Wix, how do I reschedule?

If you have a concern that was directed to ‌Wix customer service by an escalation from our team, and you missed the call, follow the article below to reschedule.

Step 1:

An email will be sent to your mailbox advising you that Wix attempted to call but was unsuccessful. It also includes a link to the chatbot that you should use to request a callback.


Step 2:

You'll be directed to the Wix bot, next you should sign in.



Step 3:

Fill in your VistaPrint email address and password.



Step 4:

From the list, select the ‌topic that summarizes your issue.


The chatbot will ask additional questions to properly direct your concern.



Step 5:

The bot will suggest a Wix article that could help with the issue. Type No to connect with a Wix specialist.




Step 6:

Your list of sites will appear, select the site you'd like assistance with.



Step 7:

To reschedule, select Request a callback now. Please keep in mind that, due to the service level agreement, the callback may take up to 24 hours.



Step 8:

Describe your issue in a bit more detail to provide additional context. You can also include screenshots.



Step 9:

Select Request my callback now to submit the callback.



Step 10 :

Add your phone number and your request is submitted, a Wix agent will call within 24 hours!



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