A-frame signs

Want more walk-ins? Make your storefront stand out.
• Stand holds 2 24" x 36" paper posters, 1 on each side
• Sturdy and lightweight, with a foldable design 
• Snap frame technology for quick setup
• Weatherproof lens to protect the poster paper
• High-quality, fade-resistant printing

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A-frame stands
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Drive foot traffic and get people in the door.

A-frame signs, also called “sandwich boards,” are a can’t-miss addition to any business space. Setting them up outside or taking them back in is a breeze, and they’ll get seen by almost anyone walking by. So what are you waiting for? Create your custom messaging now, and give would-be customers a reason to step inside.

A+ tips for a-frame signs
• Position the stand so your signs are easy to read in either direction 
• Create a quick snapshot of your products and services
• If possible, highlight a special offer or sale

• When set up, the legs are 24.25" apart (from the bottom of the front legs to the bottom of the back legs)
• When set up, the total height is 47.25"
• The legs (on both the front and back) are 25.5" apart

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